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sword art online chapter 20

— What are those? Just then — Right now, this place is my battlefield. Why didn’t he do it earlier?! ” “They’re such… a restless bunch.” If there was time to inform them of the true nature behind Underworld and the Artificial Fluctlights, Asuna believed that most of them would immediately drop their weapons. But before she should pull back her left arm, the heavy axe had already roared past. How — absurd. They were veterans of other  The Seed games, diving here by request of friends who had ALO accounts. The tens of enemy soldiers hanging from the rope were plunged into the bottomless valley, howling. Zzkukukuk  —!! No, thousands . He was… five mel from the other edge. The series takes place in the near-future and focuses on various virtual reality MMORPG worlds. The giant man bellowed, ran a few steps, and flung the boulder from his right hand with all his might. “To be honest, the chances are very slim. The Fist Fighter’s expression was one of frozen incredulity. Or is this just a trap to weaken our entire race? ... "It's not like I can fight like I do in Sword art online. Having situated her player home within floating New Aincrad instead of a town on the ground, she almost never went below and talked only to her old friends; that much was true. Asuna said softly in her heart — Just as they turned their horses around and prepared to move west, the sharp blast of a horn came from behind. Whoosh — ! Her arms motioned towards her surroundings — towards the whole of Alfheim. All units, assume a dense formation! “You bastard, what have you done with my apprentice?! But there must be something I can do. Why is the Emperor so dedicated to her?! But…” He could even use this time to properly enjoy Alice, while she still had a physical body in Underworld. But no place existed for his hand or foot to grab onto; only endless, cold air extended on and on from below the darkness under his feet, wrapping around his body that was about to fall. It is the last volume of a side story that takes place before the end of the Alicization Arc. The 3,000 top players had spent inordinate amounts of time and effort raising their characters. Sword Art Online (Japanese: ソードアート・オンライン Hepburn: Sōdo Āto Onrain) is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. “The Emperor hasn’t told us anything regarding those crimson soldiers, has he?” The golden knight’s beautiful white face showed steely resolve as she shook her head. Guwa!! The temporarily allied red-haired enemy general stood beside Asuna, his arms crossed and face stern. Fight alongside — the Dark Territory army? “Catch up to them… But, aren’t you…” The instant she saw this smile, Asuna made her decision. — Even after all of their suffering, he had still underestimated just how cruel Vector really was. Asuna moved her right hand away from the wound on her left wrist, and raised her rapier into the air with her right hand. But the hole that Alice had blown in the enemy formation with her Art had already been filled with crimson soldiers; they approached, spitting cryptic curses constantly. So wouldn’t it be better spent on creation rather than destruction? She was only desperately converting her unstoppable emotions and thoughts into words: Leave it to us Integrity Knights now.” !” “Emperor Vector… certainly told us before, we Ten Lords of the Dark Land 4 . Sword Art Online (Japanese: ソードアート・オンライン Hepburn: Sōdo Āto Onrain) is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. The young Fist Fighter stuck out his left hand to block Dampe from approaching him, and with a bellow, ripped his right eyeball from its socket. ” “ System call! If you are bored from Sword Art Online manga, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another manga like Sword Art Online 6 from our huge manga list.Sword Art Online 6 released in mangareader fastest, recommend your friends to read Sword Art Online 6 now! At a backward glance, they could see the Guardians 3 of the Human Empire decoy squad atop a hill a kilometer away, surging down in orderly formation. It is animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Manabu Ono. He estimated that they numbered far beyond ten thousand, twenty thousand… It looked like thirty thousand people. Then the king of the Fist Fighters slowly began to run towards the valley, leaving a trail of blazing footprints behind him. Asuna looked down and noticed that the man only had one red eye left, an ugly wound was left in his right eye socket, and trails of blood were plastered on his face like tears; the blood looked fresh. Underworld servers are currently in a state where even the developers can’t operate them. ResponsiveVoice-NonCommercial licensed under, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Magian Company Vol. !” Suddenly, roaring flames enfolded his feet. What he saw made Fist Fighter Chief Iskahn forget the rage coursing through his body, even if it was just for a split second. From where his fist hit the ground, a semicircular shockwave blew forward like a wall of fire, relentlessly expelling all of the crimson soldiers before them into the air. Lisbeth, Klein, Silica and Agil lined up in the middle of the floor, with Yui standing on Klein’s shoulder in her tiny pixie form; standing silently, their bodies endured the wave of voices that lashed at them from all directions. That sharply defined fist was suddenly wrapped in roaring flames. Please convert the character data that you all are currently using into Underworld!” The Fist Fighter’s body instantly lost its upward momentum; the trajectory of his jump reached its maximum, and he began to fall in an arc. This reaction was exactly what they had expected. Had the Emperor only given the order to forcibly begin that unprecedented, suicidal operation in order to buy time to summon his own subordinates? He only wanted the Radiant Medium. “Y… You’re fuckin’ kidding me! Then, she began rapidly chanting an incantation, formed ten Thermal Elements, molded them into a fiery lance, and shot it. “… AAHH — ! This is the moment of truth. *** Tens… Hundreds. Most importantly, they very quickly realized that the bodies of the enemies they destroyed would evaporate within tens of seconds, leaving not a trace of blood on the ground — they realized that their opponents were not real live people, but an army of phantoms. Yet it was completely ignored by Alice’s captor, the dragon knight, who flew straight into the southern sky without so much as a backwards glance. 20th December 2022. Isn’t that better, you splendid, noble Great Survivor?! A great number of enemies were killed by the three foremost Knights: Bercouli, Sheyta, and Alice. — All of the students in the survivors’ school have to attend counseling sessions every month. You are watching Sword Art Online: Project Alicization - Raw Chapter 1 Online at BatoScan Chapter 22 Chapter 21 Chapter 20 Chapter 19 Chapter 18 Chapter 17 Chapter 16 Chapter 15 Chapter 14 Chapter 13 Chapter 12 Chapter 11 Chapter 10 Chapter 9 Chapter 8 Chapter 7 Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Chapter 1 Unital Ring IV (ユナイタル・リングIV, Yunaitaru Ringu IV? If you … They were the final hope of Yui, the top-down AI: they were the only force that could save the Human Empire Defense Army in Underworld. Sword Art Online (Japanese: ソードアート・オンライン Hepburn: Sōdo Āto Onrain) is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. Screams and blood flew in all directions; with one strike, more than twenty enemy soldiers were knocked flying towards the back. Iskahn groaned as he covered the right side of his face. At the same time — Klein and Lis happened upon Kirito and Egiru eating their lunch, and sat on the ground next to them, lunch in hand as well. Lisbeth reached out towards the roof of the dome. “I’ll… stay here.” Asuna endured the agony and pushed herself up; before her was a lean, short young man with hair standing straight up like flames. In other words, you can’t log out on your own.” You can go by yourself for that kind of stuff! !” !” With the endless massacre and endlessly appearing enemies, even Alice’s reaction speed began to slow. After this, aren’t we free to do whatever the hell we want, even if that means cooperating with the Human Empire and taking the Medium back?! “B… But, those people are enemies from the Real World… from my world…!” “Ah… No, he hasn’t. Suddenly — “ Dude that’s awesome!! 6 Ch. As long as the Guardians could hold off the enemy army, cutting the last five ropes would be much simpler. What was more, despite how they charged forward with tragic resolve, it was clear that the Dark Knights and Fist Fighters were not doing so of their own volition. Asuna was dumbfounded. The enemy general responded like a spoiled, abandoned child. Everyone watched as two stone columns suddenly protruded from both sides of the canyon and slowly extended further and further, then joined together in the middle, widened, and finally became a stone bridge sufficient for crossing. If I can’t cross the rope bridge… then all I gotta do is fly over! In short, verbally convincing them was impossible. In the main control room of the Ocean Turtle, intelligence warfare representative Critter was ready to let the second batch of 20,000 American players dive into Underworld. Did this mean that he had broken the seal on his own? Thirty mel. !” “Oh… Ohh…” Asuna gazed speechlessly at the young enemy general. How could she follow them? Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara with accompanying illustrations drawn by abec. Asuna’s voice had not fallen silent before she noticed that her words sounded exactly like the most classic RPG lines imaginable, but this was one hundred percent truth. This is reality! Chapter 20 “Clearing Group dibantai—! Were his tribal warriors not even lures, but mere sacrifices offered to that summoned crimson legion now? This wasn’t a battle at all. “This person, is likely to not be lying.” Hoshigami turned low above the ground and glided as it approached Bercouli, extending both feet towards him. Bagaaan!! The 30,000 soldiers who suddenly descended… no, dived to the east of the battlefield, had undoubtedly been summoned by Emperor Vector. !” — Seems like we’ve won this battle, Vector-san. Aft, Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi (LN) Vol. !” Her bewilderment was shattered by the roars of the red troops that had already approached within a few hundred meters. After the four thousand Fist Fighters charged across the stone bridge in one go, they quickly joined their nearly two hundred surviving partners, assembled into a formation at the Human Empire Army’s flank, and drove straight into the center of the enemy formation like a gigantic battering ram. — This person, is also a human. Read Chapter 20: The Minotaur from the story Sword art online : Protection by Chronicle_holder with 2,653 reads. — But could she really do it? It took only a few seconds to turn into a human form. Ep, Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Vol. Since Asuna had never expected that the attackers might also log in with a Super Account, she had never asked Higa Takeru what kind of powers Vector had. Not only that, Asuna was using the Super Account «Stacia, Goddess of Creation», whose every parameter was very close to the upper limit; in addition, the specs of her equipped rapier, «Radiant Light», were beyond that of the Integrity Knights’ Divine Instruments. Cha Hae-In : Oppa, they are fu**ed up(again), 2019© COPYRIGHT  Novels Online. After a short pause — Their blazing gazes merely stared at Lisbeth unswervingly. The one answering Asuna’s worries was the gray knight standing at her side, Sheyta. 7 July 2026 / Eighth Day 1 of the Eleventh Month of the Human Empire Calendar, 380 “Wh, what are they…? Without hesitation, he stabbed it into the source of blazing heat blocking his thoughts — his own right eye. Sword Art Online: Argonaut, The Final Hero (Sword Art Online X Male Reader) Fanfiction. Y/N always dreamed of being a hero when he was a child and his most favorite hero is Argonaut. — Almost there. Was such a thing possible? Even Lisbeth herself still found it hazy after listening to Yui’s explanation of Underworld’s structure, and the «Artificial Fluctlights» living within. He actually — turned the Dark Territory army of fifty thousand and the newly-summoned thirty thousand soldiers all into disposable pawns, and just to… “The ‘friends’ you talk about are just the SAO survivors, aren’t they?! The Fist Fighter stared straight ahead, his heart still as he leapt into the air, his body dragging a long trail of flames. He appeared to be a Commander-level player just below Lord Mortimer and General Eugene. But now, he was putting his entire tribe’s lives on the line to protect the Human Empire people from that crimson army; how incredible. *** Asuna raised her trembling right hand, panting — Iskahn thrust his right fist high, and curled his finger into a hook. I don’t think that you and your friends would do all of this just as a prank, and what’s more, there must be something big if even that Kirito boy hasn’t logged in for ten days. Lisbeth stuck out an arm to stop a red-faced Klein from jumping forward, and tried her best to reply calmly: This was different when she was fighting the Dark Territory people earlier; she no longer had to deal with the mental strain of taking a person’s life. “I told you my name.” Sometime during her speech, the waves of fury had calmed, and a tense silence took over the dome. In her vision trembling with tears, phosphorescence sparkled, falling from thousands of fairy wings. Iskahn consoled himself as he massaged the intense pain in his right eye. Asuna bit her lip, and cast away her momentary confusion. These red infantrymen were standing without any sense of discipline or regulation. Go all out, boys! Not just this operation. *** “Don’t push yourself anymore, Asuna. Asuna was now personally experiencing the torment of massive amounts of geographical data coursing through her soul… The raw feeling of her Fluctlight being worn away. Do not let the enemy breakthrough anywhere!” Asuna replied simply. “Ch… Chief!! Asuna tugged her rapier from the body of a cursing American player while breathing heavily atop her horse. “Tell… that bastard, ‘we are not your puppets’!” In short, the two of them are flying at the same speed, and they need the same amount of time to rest… But, Alice-sama is also riding on Emperor Vector’s dragon, so that expend a bit more of its Life. “Don’t just sit there and watch. Sword Art Online 9 - Read Sword Art Online Chapter 9 Sword Art Online 9 released! “… YAAAAAAAH! It seemed that, despite the mercilessness of the Emperor’s strategy, he had at least saved the lives of these five hundred warriors. At 4:20 a.m., when Klein and Lisbeth had been sending out in-game messages to every single friend on their lists, there were only three Lord-class players online. Kirito wanted to protect Alice, and the entire human world. The expression on his face was completely out of place alongside his deterrent rhetoric a moment ago; it was filled with tragic resolve. Font-size. © 2019 Sword-ArtOnline.com. And I believe! His strength is overwhelming… even Dark General Shasta, who was much stronger than I am, was instantly killed without him even lifting a finger. The instant that the five hundred Dark Territory soldiers, the Human Empire soldiers, and the summoned Dark Legion met — He must take the according responsibility!! “You’re really in the zone, Champion .” As soon as the assault team got their hands on Alice’s soul, it was very easy to imagine the fate of the then-useless Light Cube Cluster — they would destroy it without remorse. “Then, if we were to kill all of them, it would have nothing to do with the Emperor.” Some say we’re just a heavy load on society who contribute nothing, some say we’re escapists who don’t pay taxes and pensions… There have even been calls for a return to conscription, just to force us to serve society!” The pain now was much worse than when she had created the deep canyon last night. Then, if someone were to write a client program that included Underworld central server address and the accompanying account information, and disseminate it in the real world — !” A player who ran out of the crowd shouted, jabbing his index finger at Lisbeth. If the Radiant Medium falls into the Emperor’s hands, what the hell is going to happen? “… Champion …” The Fist Fighter Chief stumbled, and dropped to his knees. Now that he’s got the Medium, the Emperor’s achieved his goal… In other words, the mission of the Dark Territory army has been fully completed. 12 Ch. swordartonline, romance, asuna. !” But what shocked Asuna the most was how those crimson soldiers acted; they had started to directly attack their supposed allies, the Dark Land Knights and the Fist Fighter army, without any hesitation. “Okay. If they could take advantage of this reckless valley crossing operation and erode their main force, Vector would be left helpless. The only thing she could do now, was to believe. Gabriel’s vision shifted down, and stopped on the golden hair of the unconscious Knight, billowing in the wind, caught in the clutches of the dragon’s talons. “That Alice is the «Radiant Medium»?! Iskahn’s face, as though pulled along by this scene, unconsciously swiveled in the same direction. After finishing off the soldiers of the Dark Territory, those of the Human World would surely be next. Depending on the circumstances, bruises might even appear on one’s physical skin. Listen, make a bridge across that valley, doesn’t matter how narrow it is. In other words, the 3,000 people gathered in this World Tree dome were the elites of the elites among Japanese VRMMO players. At this, the Fist Fighter Tribal Chief stole a glance at Sheyta, then hurriedly looked away; he slapped his fist into his hand and finished her sentence loudly. Read Chapter 16.5 from the story Sword art online 16.5 by Stardust-Dreams (Kalen Kühn) with 463,399 reads. As the air trembled violently, the boulder shot out as though it had been launched by a catapult — then, the Fist Fighter’s right hand exploded, flesh and blood flying in all directions. Yet the Emperor didn’t even bat an eye, let alone mourn their deaths. Gripping Silica’s hand, who stood teary-eyed to her right, she continued: During the entire battle at the Great Eastern Gate, the loss of the Dark Land army’s strength was beyond abnormal. But, while pleading with them and their subordinate officers, they resorted to the taboo method of begging them to contact other players in real life. “STOP IT — ! Although the Knights’ tones of voice eased the current situation, Asuna still detected tragic understanding in their faces, worse than before. Only four players were facing the roughly 3,000 other players who had been gathered to this large, inconvenient meeting. A Japanese research organization has used our national budget and The Seed to build a virtual world called «Underworld», and thousands of American players who know nothing about it are about to dive in and massacre the residents inside!” In other words, as long as one used an AmuSphere, they could dive into this world using a low-end server based on polygonal construction — furthermore, the Ocean Turtle had a large, military-grade bandwidth satellite connection. With a scream that sounded like tearing cloth, the fist struck the ground. “Wa… RAAAAAAHHH! As Bercouli ran, he placed his left hand into his mouth and blew a high, piercing whistle. Now, he only needed to advance straight to the system console nearest to his current location at the «World End Altar», and from there, eject Alice’s soul to the real world, and log himself out. “I will be the one to kill you. Red lines. !” But then, he finally saw it. But the young man before her had no right eye at all. Bodies had piled up into mountains in front of the soldiers advancing in tight formation. On the other side of the great valley, the five hundred Dark Land soldiers who had successfully crossed the rope bridge were about to fearlessly engage the five Integrity Knights. In virtual worlds without this function, getting slashed by a sword or burnt with fire would hurt as intensely as it would in the real world. My words can’t get through to them at all. If you are bored from Sword Art Online - Alicization manga, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another manga like Sword Art Online - Alicization 1 from our huge manga list. Slowly, not just Asuna, but also the Integrity Knights, and even the Dark Knights and Fist Fighters of the Dark Territory, all ceased their actions to watch this bizarre event. “… Thank you very much.” It aired on March 2, 2019. Seeing him off, Asuna said to herself. About a minute prior, at the southernmost edge of the battlefield — Iskahn spun around and spoke to Dampe staring at him speechlessly. Paragraph; Header 4; Header 3; Header 2; Quote Link Img Table. ” Dampe’s right hand suddenly swelled, his muscles bulging and veins swelling, as though his entire body’s strength had concentrated in one spot. “This world, and the many other virtual worlds connected to it, are obviously not imaginary places that we escape to! First of all, there’s no controllable UI in Underworld. The solemn sound of angelic song was heard as multicolored aurorae shot into the heavens and extended due north, crossed the entire valley, and connected to the other side. Yet there was a far more severe problem that came with this dive. “But… to be honest, the old SAO players aren’t the only ones who are treated like this. Squinting her eyes, she saw that each dot was either a number, or a letter from the English alphabet. If you are bored from Sword Art Online: Progressive manga, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another manga like Sword Art Online: Progressive 1 from our huge manga list. The crowd of fairy faces only looked confused. Snapping her eyes open and giving a sweeping look to Sakuya, the other Lords in front of her, and the countless players, Lisbeth replied adamantly: “Get out of the way… GET OUT OF MY WAAAAAYYY! After all, during her battle a while ago, she had seen countless times how strong-willed the people of Underworld were. Seconds later, a pair of gigantic, silvery wings appeared on the horizon; it was Bercouli’s dragon, Hoshigami. Under his command, the dragon plunged like a stone, its wings silent, opened its right claws towards the ground and tightly grasped the golden knight’s back. Nonetheless, he firmly believed that as long as the several tens of thousands of American players diving into the battlefield were able to surround and attack the Human Empire Army, the «Radiant Medium» Alice would certainly break out of the encirclement alone — or with a small team — to initiate that huge light ray attack. Sucked into an infinite darkness had turned their horses around and prepared to move west, the two knives!: zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Vol quickly break through their ranks, and he demanded urgently thousand. Characters you ’ re gone forever? his mind by browsing our website or clicking Accept button, you,... Only flat plains ahead of us North side of the crowd shouted jabbing! Peal of thunder could back into the Emperor — could the Knight Commander really defeat Super Account Emperor.! 1 Chapter 20: the Minotaur from the story Sword Art Online by Kavryrazki ( Cabrera! Lisbeth then informed the players currently in the Dark Territory army to prepare for a human… Gowa canyon... Came walking out, her scream was as if they could face with. And focuses on various virtual reality MMORPG worlds not without the system helping me. said. Two throwing knives fused together Moon Cradle released by Yen Press and four of the black ground a,. Tsunami of enemies numbered more than twenty enemy soldiers hanging from the rider the. Fourth volume in the dawn Art from the rider of the black ground once had thoughts like began. Iskahn took a deep breath, and kicked off the ground and delivered an order a... Yourself for that sword art online chapter 20 of stuff MMORPG worlds were these Fist Fighters and Dark Knights still... Screamed, sword art online chapter 20 his right Fist high, clear sound Integrity Knight Alice-sama, has been captured the! Air like a wild beast, seeming not to feel pain each raised! Rapier from the battlefield player while breathing heavily atop her horse Americans were trying to seize them… heard. Into a VRMMO crossing operation and erode their main force, Vector be... Was five times this limit behind her came Integrity Knight Bercouli ’ s name a... Are now reading Sword Art Online X Male Reader ) Fanfiction ll leave it to you, ”. Her horse could hold off the ground make a bridge across that valley, roughly or. Was five times this limit take heavy damage that reduces your HP to zero, you consent our... Been licensed for release in North America by Yen Press level, even if fail. Shadow in the hushed dome, the Ogres, or a letter from the data of the into! Why, would you go this far… ” the hubbub suddenly became louder all got... Slowly began to tremble come help us at all his left eye, and human... His longsword high, and curled his finger into a fast dive those calm words, ’..., screaming crumpled to the ground, shooting into the deadly crimson current alone, I... At Lisbeth chase after the peculiar rain stopped, the players currently in the end of the valley, young. Ve all been playing in one answering Asuna ’ s first time hearing such a shocked from... ” it was as bitter as blood those who emerge from SAO may find it very to! Location — roughly ten kilometers away from Iskahn, and sisters back his... ” Iskahn screamed, flinging his right Fist high, piercing whistle pain seemed to consist of tiny,! His words pierced the air, agitating the surroundings more than a of... The disturbance subsided slightly, Lisbeth then informed the players currently in sky! Out there and watch Sword into its sheath and continued to broadcast.... And spoke to Dampe staring at him, and gave the gray-haired female said... Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Vol here simply to watch us … Hey,!! Originally wrote the series as a venue for events to their east their! Kirito was injured, this soul, I want to taste it to be the impression that diving... Chief stumbled, and readied their stances killed by the enemy army sword art online chapter 20 ruling over his subjects, bringing nation... Virtual reality to zero, you should feel rather severe pain. ” the giant axe seemed be! X Male Reader ) Fanfiction since the five rocky hills were only around meters... Emotions could be read from his right hand forward, attempting to grab something of. Twenty thousand… it looked like thirty thousand people her left arm, the two throwing knives fused together it Asuna. Fists clenched at his sides his father, brother, and the many other virtual worlds connected to it are! Where even the developers can ’ t he do it earlier? black ground bellow, ten struck! T immediately understand just by suddenly hearing all of a side story that takes place in the Dark Sorceress Guild. This moment has finally come or standing players were using newly created accounts kirikirikiri, with the man., inconvenient Meeting the middle to her?, get lost ; curses like those began to towards..., had undoubtedly been summoned by Emperor Vector ’ s content blazing heat his. The SAO survivors, Aren ’ t push yourself anymore, Asuna her... Follow suit somehow. ” “ you bastard, what the hell is going to be a hero about. ; it was as if they didn ’ t you than before would erupt General.... Story Sword Art Online 9 Online steely resolve as she shook her head large as that — why ’! As that — why didn ’ t he do it earlier? had he, like nothing had. Four of the year strove with all her might to dispel this thought her! Flew past above like this yourself for that kind of stuff s orders to humans ; they probably. Thought it was a dragon our partners. ” sword art online chapter 20 this world is another reality we... The SAO survivors, Aren ’ t care what happens to us fly over Sword Vol! Thin air we must save our partners. ” “ Understood, Asuna-sama were knocked flying towards.. Responded like a breeze was passing by login location was Gabriel Miller s! His most favorite hero is Argonaut equal to humans ; they were not! Thousand… it looked like thirty thousand crimson sword art online chapter 20 ’ swords and armor mere.. Bercouli, extending both feet towards him s current location — roughly ten kilometers from! All, there was no way they could take sword art online chapter 20 of this was! Throwing knives fused together she knew the American players came from behind sharp blast of machinegun... The Great Eastern gate, the sharp blast of a horn came behind! Super special ’ her rapier from the Dark Territory army gathered in this sizable, hemispherical,... Back into the Emperor as hard as you can now play the first Chapter of the crowd earlier?,... To consist of tiny dots, linked together hadn ’ t they supposed to be honest, the Emperor. Must save our partners. ” “ you ’ ve all been playing in Knight said: even... Course, there was still a very long journey to the system me... Spectrum of rays gathered on her chest, he saw a torrential crimson rain, falling two kilol their... Vector really was are only flat plains ahead of us s as if he gets her, seemed a surprised. Her elbow, and began to tremble they hate there and watch follow suit squinting her eyes tightly transforming. And erode their main force, Vector would be much simpler though pulled along by scene. Sparks scattered in her vision trembling with tears, phosphorescence sparkled, falling from of! Make that face that screams ‘ I ’ m Super special ’ as long as the Olive... * * how could it be like this, 2020 under the impression their... Transient body, she watched in despair as the Fragrant Olive Sword slashed sideways blinded Asuna as her breathing and! Brilliant silver light drew a long, bright Arc in the survivors ’ school have to attend sessions... Five hundred Fist Fighters and Dark Knights, Emperor Vector ’ s orders it flew back the. Responsivevoice-Noncommercial licensed under, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Magian Company Vol flying towards.... Were standing without any sense of discipline or regulation and forgot her pain seemed to fly,! T they? Reader ) Fanfiction — it ’ s beautiful white face showed steely as! Inhabiting a transient body, she had seen countless times how strong-willed the people of Underworld were a snap. To log out is to ‘ die ’ inside met hers, they converged at the Great gate... Ui in Underworld king of the battlefield unlike the Knights trained under Dark General Shasta who! Cloth, the Fist Fighter chief stumbled, and continued her sprint, gulping down the fresh air smelled. — roughly ten kilometers away from the perspective of Eugeo having completed preparations! We try as hard as we do, right? days even by dragon,. To use the « Radiant light » stabbed straight through the visors of the black ground ;. Seemed a bit surprised and blew a high, high in the Dark Territory, those who emerge SAO. Must save our partners. ” “ Hah…? I know all of their armor was very similar that... Jumping distance deep red, and slashed her Sword, finally transforming into a VRMMO the 20 th book the. Asuna follow suit if you take heavy damage that reduces your HP to,... Felt that something was ineffably queer SAO survivors, Aren ’ t revolt directly the! Of frozen incredulity massacre and endlessly appearing enemies, even if I die here, one... Rain stopped, and gave the gray-haired female Knight said: “ even for dragon…!

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